What is a Snackable video?

Snackable videos are great content that people like to watch. The goal of your social media pages is not to bombard customers with ads and deals, you have to make them like you as a brand. When consumers interact with your page, they should learn something new, laugh at something cute or funny, and love and relate to the messages you put out. Once consumers see that they can trust your brand, then they will be more receptive to buying from you.


Social Snacks creates social video content feeds to help businesses fill their social networks with engaging content their customers want and need.


How does this all work?

Our videos feature no branding, which means that anyone can download the videos and use them on their social media.

You simply purchase the week of videos, download them, and post them to your social media pages. We’ve also included an SRT file which is a caption file so you can add captions when uploading your video to Facebook.


So other businesses can buy the same videos? Why would I want that?

Yes, other companies can purchase the same videos, although there is a 100-per-person download limit for singular videos or bundles. So why would you want to do that?

When multiple companies are able to download the same video from us, it keeps costs down.

You’re already posting other people’s content to your social media- it’s just in the form of links to articles and sharing videos other people created and uploaded. The major difference is that sites like Facebook want original content. If you share a video and people like it on your page, that’s fine, Facebook sees you as a content sharer. But if you upload the video yourself, Facebook sees you as a content creator- and is likely to put your stuff in more of your followers’ feeds. Which means, if you’re posting fun stuff that people want to watch, when you decide to post an ad or a coupon, more people are going to see it, and it’s all around a better deal for you.

Secondly, making videos is time-consuming and expensive. If you hire a production company to produce videos for you, it is not going to be cheap. Even if you know a guy who owns a camera, you still have to plan the production, film it, and edit it, which is a lot of your precious time to be spending. If you’re going to spend the time filming your own videos, you probably want the videos to be about your product and feature your branding…which is fine, but all of your content on social media shouldn’t revolve around selling your products.

If you’re still not sold, we can produce unbranded content that only you own- but it’s not going to cost only $175 for 5 videos. Contact us for more details.