“The Social Snacks works with us to rework videos and make edits that help improve engagement. Budgets are tight, so we love that Social Snacks finds ways to rework video content to create new concepts and new content we can use without over-tapping resources or risking quality.”

Alex Frumberg, ALX Creatives

About Us

This is a good introduction to your brand story and captures the passion behind that story in a truly authentic and conversational way. “About Us” videos work well on digital platforms where clients seek out information about your brand – like your own website and blogs, review sites or at the top of your YouTube page. We like to break up the brand story into several pieces so the multiple videos can rotate on and off your website to offer a fresh look and feel while boosting SEO.

Ask The Expert

Consumers like the thrill of the hunt. They enjoy discovering something or someone and then draw their own conclusions. So skip telling them your brand is amazing, smart, generous or experienced and show them. “Ask The Expert” is about proving your company is all of those things by sharing what you know, answering the most common questions, and offering solutions that your experiences have taught you. These videos showcase you as the expert in your field. The key here is to work your brand into the conversation in a very natural way as support for the content rather than the focus of your content. Topics include things like “3 tips or tricks…”, “Mistakes people make…”, “5 things you don’t know…” to be successful”. These videos fit naturally across social platforms, as blog topics, and play into industry searches and key word algorithms.


The snack team has a bit of a different take on testimonials. We love to capture a person’s experience in a truly authentic, conversational way. Nothing builds up a brand more than an outside recommendation. The catch is it has to feel genuine. There are three routes we can go with testimonials – a more traditional recommendation interview, an “advice from the front lines” type of approach where the interviewee talks about their own journey and what helped them, or a more “ask the expert” type where they give tips to help others. We often cover all of these during the interview, which means down the line some of these could turn into additional content videos.


A healthy video library has a variety of content. As park of our Snack Packages we offer graphic and image-based videos that build a visual story around facts, statistics, research or studies. These videos do not feature people but use words on screen, imagery and occasionally scripted voiceovers to turn the information into an easily digestible info-story. These are always short and fast-moving pieces that work well across social platforms and as assets in blogs and newsletters.


Most people think of videos when it comes to feeding those social networks or a necessity of SEO but in reality, video is a human language. Use it not to just feed your digital monsters, but as a way to feed your sales funnel. Process videos can be used to smooth the bumps in that funnel, save time in the sales process or reduce the time spent walking a client through topics, key steps, or frequently asked questions. The idea behind these videos is to help streamline your introduction and onboarding process as well as simply save you time by removing time consuming details. Especially in a one on one sales setting, it can be hard to take in all of the details, so these types of videos can help clients review any of the process as many times as they like at their own speed. With each hit of the play button your brand is being reinforced as knowledgeable, helpful and supportive while offer a personalized feel.

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