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Thanks for choosing Social Snacks to help feed your social media beast! We know how hard it can be to come up with content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your blog each week, so we decided to make it easy. All you do is download the videos we create each week, add your own branding if you’d like, and upload to the social platform of your choice! It’s pretty simple to use, but we’d like to outline some terms and conditions for the use of the videos:

  1. You are allowed to add your own branding to the videos. For example, you could add a logo bug in the corner of the video, a screen at the end that sends viewers back to your website or provides a discount code, or add a totally new intro.
  2. You are NOT allowed to re-edit the video and change facts, messaging, meaning or tone. Do not lead viewers on with false advertising. The people featured in these videos are not actors and by altering their message you are damaging their character.
  3. You ARE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to resell or directly profit from these videos. We want these videos to help lead you to new customers, just customers that buy your product.
  4. You CANNOT enter these videos in any contest or sweepstakes. You didn’t produce the videos, so don’t try to take credit for them.
  5. Each purchase equals one license. This license can only be used for one company/brand’s social media platforms, i.e. one Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. account. If you are in charge of multiple accounts on any social media platform, you must purchase individual licenses for each brand page. If you plan on purchasing multiple licenses on a regular basis, please contact us for bulk pricing.
  6. Only legitimate businesses within the industries we offer videos to may purchase our videos. We reserve the right to screen businesses before allowing anyone to purchase. Businesses that promote cruelty to animals, adult entertainment or products, or are spam in nature will not be allowed to purchase videos.
  7. Video license rights are limited to one business per industry category (dog walker, veterinarian, pet shop, realtor, landlord) per a 5 mile radius of the first business’ home zip code.
  8. You right to these videos can be revoked at any time if you violate these terms and conditions.