Tips to Feed Your Instagram Monsters

Today (June 30th) is recognized as Social Media Day around the world. At Social Snacks, we realize that social media is an absolute monster of a task for businesses to feed and conquer. Because of this, we’ve decided to start a series about conquering your social media monsters.

First we’ll start with the most visual of beasts: Instagram.

Instagram is a platform that depends on creativity and originality….within a certain mysterious set of rules and regulations.

Of course finding your audience is important, but you need to have content that an audience wants to see first. Although your photos are absolutely crucial, you can’t stop there. The captions on your photos are KEY to engaging your audience.  If you want people to comment on your posts, give them something to respond to! Your page might be for a business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a person-to-person conversation. Ask questions that have to do with the post, or tell them to tag a friend that they think would enjoy the post in the comments!

One common Insta-mistake is to just view your photo posting on an individual basis. You need to have a consistent feed. This is a great time to plan out a theme for your profile. This means color scheme, consistent quality photos, and uniformed voice in your captions. Your Insta-posts are important on their own, but should lend themselves to the bigger picture of your feed.

That one belongs to @littledrill, and we love how beautiful it is! They found what works for their brand, and they stuck to it. So great!

Just like every other platform, there are algorithms and practices in place within the app to make sure people are seeing high quality content that they’ll be interested in this. And, of course, there are ways to make sure that your desired audience has the ability to see your  posts.

The first one is location tagging. This is HUGE if you’re a locally based business, or want to appeal to local customers. We’d recommend not tagging your exact location, but maybe the city or town that you’re located in instead, to get a broader reach. “Chicago, Illinois” has a bigger appeal and audience than “Ontario St.”

And even more important than location tagging: HASHTAGGING. We know, the absolute last thing you want on your beautiful picture is a string of messy looking hashtags. But we also know that people click on those hashtags. People search for specific topics/skills/services through hashtags! They’re a #necessaryevil. Social Media Expert Adam Bianco (@adam_bianco) has a tip for making the most out of your hashtags.

Instagram limits 30 tags to each caption, BUT you can actually get 60 hashtags in if you add 30 in a comment, and then edit your caption and add 30 tags to that. Up to 60 different things someone could look up to see your one post! You can’t really beat that.  (TIP: Putting 6 dots, each on their own line, before your hashtag hides them! No more ugly strings of tags!)

Instagram is turning into a super important tool for growing your business and engaging your audience online! Put some of our tips into play and let us know how they work for you! Go feed those monsters, and happy snacking!


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