Shooting Your Content Into Your Facebook Audience

Trying to interact with the audience you’ve built on Facebook can sometimes be like shooting random scattered shots at unseen targets. The cold hard reality is that just hitting the “post” button only puts your content in less than 5% of your follower’s feeds. That’s right, you could have thousands of people who have liked or followed your page, but only a small number of them will be exposed to your content.

When it comes to content, think of it like ammunition:

A post with purely written content is basically BB’s…. tiny and ineffective. Add an image to it, and it becomes a bullet… more targeted. Add a video, and you are shooting missiles… more targeted, more powerful, and  with farther reach. Going live is also a good option, but is often like throwing grenades; lots of power, but you need enough people to be in the line of fire at the right time.

Here’s the catch (in a good way):

For each attack, there is a counter attack… if someone “Likes” your post, the post goes into more feeds…. if they comment… more feeds… if they share…. more feeds. Each reaction proves to the magical social algorithm that the content is high quality and is interesting to an audience. In turn, the little digital army that curates the News Feed will send it to more targets with similar profiles, data, and online social habits. 

Alternately, no reaction (crickets in the social landscape) is a huge dud for your social network… it is heavy and drags both your post and your platform (read: your social status) down.

The good news is, the more a person interacts with your page and posts, the more likely it is the digital soldiers will put more of your content in their news feed. You want more people to see your posts, so you have to create things that encourage engagement and sharing. Essentially, your post needs attention to get attention. Once your post engagement begins to increase, it will continue to increase, meaning that simply sharing more appealing posts can expand your network. 

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