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Social Snacks knows the digital world is filled with hungry little social monsters demanding new content to eat every day. As soon as you feed one, another is chomping at the bit for more…and they love video! To survive in digital, you need a steady supply of videos that entertain, inform, and most importantly, convert. That means videos for social, videos for web and marketing, videos for sales funnels, videos for ads & paid search… for just about every aspect of your business. It’s why Social Snacks not only produces content but also delivers a strategy and helps weaponize your content to get ROI.

If you want to have a great experience, hire Social Snacks. They help you overcome your fear, make you look good AND, inspire you to voice your message in a clear way. On top of that they are fun to work with!

Andrea Henning, Tiara International Managing Partner

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Social Snacks is a digital content creation company focusing on video for social networks. Our philosophy is simple: make high quality video to feed the digital “beasts” that haunt every business. We specialize in videos that speak to people on a personal level, whether that’s through in-depth interviews, beautiful and delicious recipes, or time-saving DIY crafts. We know you need content—and Social Snacks can help you feed all of your monsters.


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